Benefits of Buying a Crumbl Cookies/Galletas Franchise

October 31, 2023

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With over 400 locations nationwide Crumbl Cookies is a successful franchise because it offers franchisees a proven brand, product, and operating system. This means that franchisees can start their business with a head start, without having to spend time and money figuring out everything on their own. This Brand provides a lot of value to its franchisees, which is why it has been so successful. Franchisees want to buy into a franchise that they can access those things on day 1 and skip the time & money it takes to figure it out on their own.

Wherever you decide to open up your cookie business, I am going to illustrate the benefits of buying into this franchise by telling you the story of how “Crumbl Cookies” in Bayamón, Puerto Rico came to be for Marley and Gilberto. The benefits of their investment outweighed the risks. Oreo Cookies All the WayThe conclusion to this story will be just as sweet as this Oreo cookie cake you are looking at in this image.

It was an exciting day for entrepreneurs, Marley Marrero Maldonado and Gilberto Montes Santiago: July 13, 2023, was the day that they debuted their new business: Crumbl Cookies, in Bayamón, Puerto Rico. They wanted to keep those Latin pastry food flavors within the community.Crumbl Cookies, Puerto Rico

Why did they decide to use the brand name “Crumbl Cookies” for their business? Because of the many different flavored types of cookies, the owners chose to make for their loving customers.

A Dream Come True: Mariley and Gilberto’s Journey to Crumbl

The owners, Mariley Marrero Maldonado and Gilberto Montes Santiago, proud natives of Puerto Rico had always dreamed of owning their own business. Their love story with Crumbl Cookies began when they heard from friends and family in the US who kept raving about these delectable cookies.

Determined to experience the magic of these delicious cookies for themselves, they decided to embark on a journey to Florida. While visiting Florida, with the very first bite of these delicious cookies they were hooked. It was love at first bite! They immediately knew they wanted to bring the “Crumbl Cookie” flavor to their home in Puerto Rico. This was a perfect fit for the family-oriented culture shared by Mariley and Gilberto. Together with their children, they were thrilled to be bringing Crumbl Cookies’ family-centered mission back to their home in Bayamón, Puerto Rico.

Their fantastic Crumbl Cookie store is nestled in the Plaza Del Parque shopping center, sharing its vibrant atmosphere with the anchor tenant, Sam’s Club.

Cookies for Everyone!

What makes this experience with Crumbl Cookies so different?

These entrepreneurs have made their Latin cookie business more unique by rotating their weekly menus so that you get a chance to try different flavored cookies on a weekly basis. Another added benefit is their “open-concept kitchen.”

What is an Open kitchen concept?

Open-Kitchen ConceptThese owners have chosen to allow their cookies to be made fresh in front of customers who watch the entire process as they walk into their store, from balling the dough to baking cookies.

On top of that their clean and stylish store offers a unique experience that customers keep coming back for. Flavorful Cookies If you ever visit Bayamón, Puerto Rico, come and visit their splendid store to see what their many different flavorful cookies are like. There are many different flavors to suit everyone’s tastes.

Here are some details about their store’s contact information:

Store Hours:

  • Mon–Thurs: 8 am – 10 pm
  • Fri-Sat: 8 am – Midnight
  • Sun: Closed
  • Address: 1500 Ave Comerío Plaza del Parque, Bayamón, Puerto Rico 00961
  • Phone: (939) 320-4158
  • Email:
  • The Bayamón, Puerto Rico location also offers curbside pickup and catering services for corporate events or individual parties.

Crumbl’s Mission: Bringing Families Together

Gilberto Montes, the proud owner of the Crumbl franchise license for Puerto Rico under Jan Sweets LLC, believes wholeheartedly in Crumbl’s mission. He is very happy about his store’s opening. Everyone involved is well aligned with what Crumbl’s mission is all about; to bring friends and family together over one of the best-tasting boxes of cookies in the world. This mission defines them as a family. He and his wife, who were born and raised in Puerto Rico, were happy to bring this product that brings joy to people in their community.

And it’s not just about cookies; it’s about opportunities!

  • Business ownership opportunities – Crumbl provides the chance for franchisees to own and operate their own Crumbl Cookies store. This allows people to run their own business and be their own boss.
  • Jobs/employment – Each Crumbl location requires staff to run the store. This provides jobs and employment opportunities for local community members. Positions may include managers, customer service roles, kitchen staff, etc.
  • Revenue/economic growth – Crumbl stores generate revenue and economic activity in local communities. A new Crumbl store means more jobs and wages, which circulates dollars back into our local economy.
  • Community involvement – Franchisees and staff have the opportunity to get involved with the community through fundraising, donations, sponsorships, etc. This allows Crumbl to give back.
  • Vendor opportunities – Local vendors such as dairy farms, bakeries, etc. can potentially supply ingredients or services to Crumbl locations. This creates business opportunities for vendors.
  • Franchisee development – For those who invest in a Crumbl franchise, there is the opportunity to develop business ownership skills by running a store.

So, in summary, Crumbl Cookies franchising creates opportunities for ownership, jobs, community impact, and economic growth in local markets. This model enables driven individuals to make a business impact.

The Crumbl Experience: Cookies That Spark Joy

Crumbl Cookies is mostly famous for its weekly rotating menu of cookies, featuring over 200 flavors inspired by desserts of all kinds from all over the world. These cookies are delivered in signature pink boxes Signature Box F of Happinessthat can fit four, six, or 12 cookies side-by-side. These boxes are perfect for sharing with loved ones. Some of their best-flavored specialty cookies include Muddy Buddy, Biscoff Lava, Funfetti, Snickerdoodle, Coconut Lime, Chocolate Caramel, Hazelnut Sea Salt, Oatmeal, Chocolate Chip, Rocky Road, S’Mores, and Pumpkin Pie.

Why join the “Crumbl Cookies” Community?

Crumbl Cookies in Bayamón, Puerto Rico isn’t just a place to eat cookies; it’s a hub of joy, warmth, and togetherness. In addition to their delightful cookies, they offer convenient curbside pickup and catering services for corporate events or individual parties. Whether you’re celebrating with family, friends, or colleagues, Crumbl Cookies is here to make every occasion sweeter for all customers.

Are you ready to follow in Mariley and Gilberto’s footsteps and bring in the “Crumbl Cookies” sweet success into your community?

Don’t think of this business opportunity as a part-time or side job. Make sure that you are ready to roll in the dough by putting on your Apron and doing some hard work. This means you must be ready to be in your area and in your store for an extended amount of time.

Here are a few pointers:

During your research, find out what to expect as a Crumbl franchisee. What is available location-wise, how much it costs, what you’ll sell, and check the information from the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD).

It is a good idea to review the FDD. This agreement lays out crucial details about profit potential, fees, training, and legal obligations.  Looking over the FDD can help you get ready for the interview in Stage 2. That’s also when you’ll pick your territory.  The FDD lays out crucial details about profit potential, fees, training, and legal obligations.

I’m happy to summarize the FDD contents and franchise opportunity overall. Please let me know if you need any clarification or have additional questions.  The goal is to make sure you understand what owning a Crumbl Cookies franchise entails so you can make an informed decision.

  • Interview – Look at the interview as an opportunity to get to know your senior leaders better and make sure both you and they are a good fit for each other. This is also the time you will introduce your operational plans.
  • Proposal– Find a suitable location and submit this location within your selected territory for approval.
  • Purchase – For all costs and other initial fees involved in the Crumbl Cookies franchise check the franchising section, sign the Franchise Agreement and pay all fees and costs.
  • Onboarding – You’ll receive all the orientation and training to help you run your bakery. This will include any support you need to feel confident about running your store for baking, making, and operating your store in the “Crumbl” way.
  • The Onboarding process with help you understand your work environment and company culture; including how to make your employees feel welcome. You will learn the company’s policies, and business systems. This is an opportunity to learn more about the company’s expectations.

What about Construction?

Before you start building your business, there are two key steps you need to take to ensure you’re following all the rules:

  • Verify with your local government to find out what permits and building codes you need to comply with. Make sure your business is accessible to people with disabilities. You can find this information on your local government’s website or by calling them directly.
  • Use a checklist for designing and building a restaurant. This is what is known as a “Construction Checklist.” This will help you keep track of all the requirements, including color schemes, seating arrangements, lighting, and accessibility codes. To find these checklists check online or contact a professional contractor.

Any requirements from either your local or county government leaders will depend on where you are.  Make sure to talk to your local government leaders or a licensed contractor to be sure you’re doing everything by the book.

Finally, it’s Your Grand Opening Day – This is how you want it to end!

Congratulations on your Grand Opening Day! Your bakery is now fully operational and open to all cookie lovers, everywhere! This is such an exciting milestone. After months of planning, preparation, and hard work, your dream of owning a bakery is now a reality. You must be so proud.

The tempting aroma of fresh-baked cookies is already wafting out the doors, enticing customers to come inside and sample your delicious creations. With rows of cookies, cakes, and other tasty treats on display, you’re ready to share your culinary talents with the community. Rows of Cookies

Marley and Gilberto’s Crumbl Cookies franchise success story in Bayamón, Puerto Rico shows the rewards that come with buying into a proven brand. By leveraging Crumbl Cookies trademark, operations systems, and marketing support they were able to launch their shop smoothly and start serving incredible cookies from day one. Their calculated risk clearly paid off through the popularity and profits they now enjoy.

Take the first step towards owning your own Crumbl Cookies shop and enjoy the advantages of this sweet franchise opportunity.  The time to act is now.   Apply for a franchise today!

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